07-01-08 More Radishes

With mounting radishes, I am scrambling to find more ways of using them. I always loved the Vietnamese Sandwich called "banh mi", so I decided to make the radish slaw that goes in it...

banh mi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%A1nh_m%C3%AC) is an Asian food with French influence. Now that's something you don't find very often. You can read all about it in wiki.

For my radish slaw, I used the Crimson Lady Finger Radish and carrots. Slice the vegetables with a Mendelian to match sticks, place them in a large bowl. Make the syrup: Add distilled vinegar and water (3:2) in a sauce pan, add sugar and salt (3:1). Heat liquid and dissolve the sugar and salt. Cool the liquid, then pour into the large bowl. Let stand for a while, radish will get limp and settled. Place the slaw in glass jars and keep in the refrigerator. Let it ferment sometime (5-7 days) and gives out nice pickling flavors. It will be ready to use. This can last quite a while in the frig.


Linda said...

I confess I should use radishes more. I know my husband likes them. This is the recipe we use when we do have radishes.


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