Amish Friendship Bread_the gift that keeps on giving

My friend Julie gave me a bag of Amish Friendship Bread starter, that got the ball rolling. I have made it twice, gave away 6 bags of starters. It is a sour dough type of starter, makes wonderful sweet cake type of bread. Now I have more starters than I can give away, so I begin to experiment with the starter for all sorts of things. I added two table spoons in my pancake batter, and made the BEST pancakes ever! It is really soft and fluffy and has a nice golden crust. I also add the starter to my bread dough when I make bread. It makes the bread extra soft. So if you run across the Amish Friendship starter, keep it going and use it in your kitchen. I am certain you will be happy you did!
Grow a garden, make your food from scratch, learn to live the good life from the old timers....reduce your carbon foodprints at the same time.

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