In the Kitchen

My new electric pressure cooker, I am loving it!
My new electric pressure cooker arrived today! I have read about the electric pressure cooker and imagin it would be a wonderful picece of small appliant to add to my collection. It certainly did not disappoint! The first function I tried was using the "High Pressure Setting". I made my porrige of rice and beans and jujubee in a record 10 minutes, and then I made Mexican "seemered" beef in 20 minutes cooking time, it usually takes me 2-3 hours! It was delicisous and soooo tender! There are also slow cooking and brown options...I can’t wait to experiment more with my new favorite kitchen appliance!

The nice thing about the electric pressure cooker is not only it can cook delicious meals, but it also save a LOT OF energy. I am thinking, it could relace several other gadgets that I am using....


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