Radiant Heat, thing of the past?

Wood stoves provide a consistent source of heat when they get going. Despite the work involved in getting the wood, starting the fire cleaning up the chimney, I still prefer it to gas or electric heat. The main reason is that wood stoves' cast iron body act as a heat capacitor to store and radiant heat, while gas/electric heat controlled by a thermostat turns on and off on cue when temperature fall below certain set value. Also the gas or electric heater turning on and off constantly is really not pleasant.

I have seen the radiant type of heater (cast aluminum) were being used in some older buildings. They are filled with circulating hot water to control the temperature, you will need to control the temperature of the water. I have never seen these type of devices sold in home improvement stores. I have seen the the kind that you lay tubes under the floor of the house where hot water circulate to provide heat, but that's expensive and impossible to repair without tearing down your house.

Does anyone know if there are radiant type of heat dispensing device available, if not someone should make it. it will be more comfortable, and probably saving more energy.

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